Education and the Changing World

Teachers And The Teaching Profession

How important really is the teacher in the education sector? Many people rely heavily on the teacher at schools for the education of their children. At the same time, educational institutions also take pride of their teachers’ capabilities to impart knowledge on the youth. They invest heavily on recruiting the best teachers to be part of their staff. It seems, therefore, that these educators play a central role at schools and in the education sector, in general. In this article, the characteristics of a good teacher and his/her responsibilities will be discussed in an in-depth manner

Teachers are an integral part of a learning institution. You cannot find one school that has no teacher in its staff. Of course, it cannot be called a school if it does not have teachers. A teacher is a person who is responsible for conveying knowledge to the students to prepare the latter to become productive and competitive members of the society. As amply called, a teacher teaches the students on the relevant information, skills and experiences they need in accordance with the established curriculum.

A good teacher has the quality and capability of effectively conveying knowledge and wisdom to the students. This is important as the teachers are the trainers of the new generation of citizens, who will be the heirs to the society. It is the task of the teacher to train well and prepare the youth to face the challenges that will come upon them once they have graduated from school. A teacher has the responsibility of passing the knowledge from generations pass to the future caretakers of society. These tasks have been made greater by the development of society and the advancement of technology.

As society and technology progresses, the challenges that are facing the teachers are also becoming enormous. They must be able to cope with up with the rapidly advancing technology along with their teaching methods. At present, more and more students are hooked up with the Internet. Thousands of information, a number of which are harmful to the students, are posted on the web. This could prove detrimental on the learning process of the students. Teachers must be able to screen, or at least find a way to screen, these things or give clarifications on these unwanted information.

On the other hand, teachers can take advantage of the technological innovations. They can also use this technology to improve their teaching methods. If they are linked with other schools, they can use the convenience of the Internet to communicate with other teachers to share experiences, methods and information on effective teaching.

It can be said, therefore, that teachers are very important in the development of society. Without them, the passing of knowledge, accumulated from the past generations, to the new generation of caretakers of the society will not be possible. This responsibility bestowed upon their shoulders is an enormous task. The profession of teaching is one of the noblest professions in society. As the great philosopher Aristotle once said, there are only three true professionals in society; they are the lawyers, the doctors and the teachers.

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