Nibiru is a Hoax


Nibiru is a Hoax

Recently, there have been a lot of false myths spread about a strange planet called Nibiru that comes through the solar system every 3600 years and causes major destruction, but these are just myths without any scientific evidence to back them up.

Here are some of the false claims about Nibiru and explanations about why they’re false:

  1. Nibiru is the size of Jupiter — We have observed dwarf planets on the far edges of the solar system thousands of times smaller than Jupiter. If something as large as Jupiter was out there, it would be easily visible to amateur astronomers worldwide.
  2. Nibiru is bright like a second sun — Do you see a second sun shining in the sky at night? No, neither do I.
  3. Nibiru will pass by us on December 21, 2012 — In order for Nibiru to get to us in the next 4 years, it would have to be closer than the orbit of Saturn, making it easily visible in the sky.
  4. Nibiru can be seen at location 05:34:30,-02:10:13 in Microsoft’s telescope program — First take a look at Jupiter, that is the size and brightness of object you are looking for. Then go to those coordinates, and see what you think.
  5. The inhabitants of Nibiru are Gods that created humans on Earth
  6. Nibiru can’t be seen right now because it’s behind the Sun — The Earth keeps moving around the Sun in our orbit. Anything that’s behind the Sun now would be visible in a month. But the claims about Nibiru being hidden behind the Sun have continued for years. This also contradicts the coordinates given in item #4.
  7. You can only see Nibiru from certain places on Earth — All objects in the southern sky are visible everywhere in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the northern hemisphere as well. Similarly, all objects in the northern sky are visible everywhere in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the southern hemisphere.
  8. NASA set up an observatory in Antarctica to track Nibiru — Antarctica has the advantage of high altitude and dry air, but you can’t see anything there that can’t be seen in the rest of the southern hemisphere (see previous item) and Antarctica gets continuous sunlight from September through March, making an observatory completely unusable for half the year. Also, the coordinates given in item #4 are in the northern sky, not visible from Antarctica.

What is Nibiru really?

Nibiru is the ancient Akkadian name for the planet Jupiter.


13 thoughts on “Nibiru is a Hoax

  1. Thank you, John… It’s okay if I have to be the first who is squashed, however, if only that 2012 won’t happen? If only in 2012 the earth is just absolutely fine, what would you say, Fellow? Anyway, thanks a lot for commenting… 🙂

  2. I am not being rude but: There is only one God. And he is well known in Islam, and only HE knows when the last day of Earth is. Not even one human being knows. AND THERE ARE NO INHABITANTS OR GODS ON NIBIRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. regarding planet x, well its fairly obvious that it isnt real however, samir you are just as retarded to think that a supernatural being exists that is selfish and uses fear to get people to worship him its complete bullshit. say you werent born a muslim but a mormon, you would “know” that only “your” god is right and real not the muslim one. Religon is a waste of time, it has created genocide, murder and wars in the name of “god”. So the next time you see a natural disaster or something of the sort think to yourself “why would god create something and then destroy it” and how come if he loves you then why do his children die from cancer. shouldnt god, i mean being an all powerful being and all make it so that innocent “muslim” children dont die from cancer. i put muslim in quotes because i know youll say something like “non-muslims deserve to die,” Dont be an adult with an imaginary friend

    • Sir. Your outburst against his religion is just as bad as the religions you claim to be bad. Listen to yourself.
      Yes religion has caused many problems but GOD himself has done none of these. It is mans nature of fear, worry, doubt, and hate that has caused all this. Look at kings and rulers of the past.
      If you would stop and read the bible you would read that there is nothing about hating and fearing everything that is against GOD. The bible actually states the exact opposite. It says to love all God’s creation as you would love yourself. To forgive those for their wrong doings as God forgives you for yours. The bible also says to treat even those of evil with compassion for they know not what they do.
      Those who go around causing fear, hate, and genocide in the name of God, the Bible, and others are doing it for their own self gain.
      I am a Christian and i understand that all the Gods that different religions claim to follow as the one true God are all the same God and have just experienced him differently. It calls for in the bible, to not judge others religions. Why do you think it says that in the Bible? Probably because my theory of all religions following God are indeed following the same God and so therefore you would be judging that God of which you yourself follow.
      Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, Lutherins…all of them, if they run about killing, spreading hate, vengence, lust, and fear in the name of the Lord are not true followers of God and all his glory.
      Please get you facts before attacking a person’s faith

  4. No,religion isn’t a waste of time, you are, Mister Obnoxious, formerly known as asdf

    Don’t think that this universe will live forever. Because it will NOT! God knows when the end of the world will be and not a stupid rumor called or 21/12/2012 or Planet X!!!!!!

    Even NASA itself or the Mayans or the Mayan Calendar doesn’t know when the end of the world will be!!!!

    Even a 10 year old would not believe Nibiru will hit Earth which is not true. Oh and I am NOT an adult. You are so pathetic to even believe it will hit Earth. God can make these children live again. Cancer formed from diseases. if non-muslims did something very bad they do deserve to die, god created the universe to see if they will be on the good or evil side like a test.

    • What if their was no God hmm???
      Religion is Bullshit in my opinion.
      People look for someone higher and more powerful than themselves to call their needs upon.
      You’re right in one way, This universe cant live forever, it will be obliterated either by Natural Disasters or Unnatural disasters such as the ‘Hydrogen Collider’ and the ‘Atom Smasher’ I dont see why complete and totally respectable scientists would test the Big bang theory by using the ‘Hydrogen Collider’ It was built improper. They turned it on. It Leaked hydrogen. If something else wrong, their was a chance it would create a field of microscopic blackholes which would consume the earth, and make the earth into a LARGE Black hole, possibly a Super-Black Hole. Stop believing Religious bull shit. It causes Genocide. It Caused the Holocaust, Over the Jewish religion. Hitler didnt want Jews or Catholics And any other religion. Hitler himself was a Catholic religion person. Yet he exterminated Most of the Gyps’s and over 3 million of the Jewish Population. He ceased religious thinking when he left home. He wanted an individual race, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes. And Approx 5.7″ in Height. Enough of the Religious bullshit of Doomsday being caused through god. Nature created this world, not god. Nature will end this world and all life, not god. SIMPLE AS.

  5. John you are a senile Fool, Yet you may be young you are still blind to the truth. Fools are those who folow myths. Nibiru is fake, Their is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that ANYTHING Will happen in 2012. Their is one Notable event that will happen, The Alignment in Decemeber, Their is nothing to worry about these alignments, they happen EVERY December. NOTHING TO CAUSE HARM TO HUMANITY OR EARTH CAN HAPPEN IN 2012. Even an astrobiologist who spent Two years answering questions and almost all his life after secondary school studying the stars has answerd all the ‘2012 = Doomsday’ Conspiracy. It is a HOAX. The Massive Solar Storms Predicted to hit the Earth and do Collateral damage in 2012? Fake. However; One Solar storm will come close to the earth causing aurora in the sky All over the earth in 2013, Spring. But, it is predicted that this Solar storm will be lower powerd than the usual. Solar Peaks/Flares/Storms happen every 11 years, So dont worry. Yes; Every 11 Years a Solar Event happens. Whats Next? Some fool going on about ‘Jesus Christ Returns To The Earth In 2015’? No Scientific evidence whatsoever about the so called ‘Lord’ Will or can Return. However, a Blood moon will be visible in our skies in 2015, Date Unknown, and will apparently Return the Blessed lord to our Unblessed planet, causing the entire planet to suffer doomsday. This is fake. However, the blood moon will be visible, Due to a Total Solar and Total Lunar eclipse happening at the same time, Causing the blood moon. If you want to avoid fake conspiracy’s like Nibiru and ‘Planet X’ And the Mayan Calender, then I suggest you study astronomy. It’d help you a lot fool. Just like your calendar in your kitchen, it does not date past 31 December does it? No, you have to go get a new one. This will start a new long-count of the mayan calender after 2012. Trust me, Doomsday wont be 2012. Doomsday however, Will happen. But not in the next 100 years. Possibly it wont happen for another 100 Millenia. Another rumour quashed; just doing my job. Also the rumour of a split asteroid heading for earth; the smaller half of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, returning is impossible. If it was heading for earth, and would hit in 2012, astronomers would have spotted it by now. Same with Nibiru, if it was Heading for earth and was The size of Jupiter and as bright as the sun, they would of been tracking it for the last decade. Picture a super-star, Eg; Eta Carina (100 times bigger and five million times brigher than the sun) The brightest star in existance, If Nibiru existed, we’d see it with our naked eye right at this moment. Just like we see the dog star (Sirius) As the brightest star in the night sky. Do not worry about 2012. Worry about 3-6billion Years into the future, about the Sun dieing and going to a red giant. THAT WILL be doomsday for most planets. And the Theory about Andromeda heading towards us? Fake. Planets and galaxys dont move towards each other, they move apart. Its called the ‘Red Shift’ try reading up on it, ive dont enough explaining.

  6. However their is one doomsday in U.S.A waiting to blow.
    Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone itself (THe bubbling and Hourly Erupting Geysers) is actually a SuperVolcano. It has had an anomaly more frequent earthquakes than before. Christopher C. Sanders has been noted for discovering most of the Yellowstone earthquakes. The U.S.A Is on high alert, atleast for the Geologist people over their. Yellowstone WILL blow. And When it does it will be 2500x more stronger than Mt St. Helens eruption, it will destroy the U.S.A and Will take out Part of Mexico, The eruption and all the gasses as such will spread for a 200 mile radius. If one day in the next 10 years or so, and your in the U.S.A, and you flick your tv on and it shows a Geologist on tv saying, “People of the U.S, Yellowstone will erupt in the next hour or so, the entire continent will be evactuated, try to stay calm.” Then i suggest you turn your tv off, round up your loved ones, get everything you will need to Surive. And HIGHTAIL IT from The U.S.A and from Mexico. If your in the UK like me, we will only suffer one thing from Yellowstone. A Two Year winter, the eruption will affect our climate and cause the UK to have a two year normal Winter. Nothing like an Ice Age (As Predicted) can possibly happen. NOTE: MUTATION IS POSSIBLE FROM THE VOLCANIC GASSES.

  7. Listen James, I really liked the first 2 comments you said, but the 3rd comment, well here’s some information about it.
    God created the world, time and space, and everything not the Big Bang, and the big crunch might be real, the big crunch is a single mega black hole which will suck you all forever is FAKE! After the End of the world, God will make each single person live again, and he will show each person his book of things he has done in this life. And there is 2 things in Arabic they are called Hasanat and Sai’aat, Hasanat are good things, and one Hasanne is 10x more , for ex: if you got 92 Hasanat, you have 9200 Hasanat, Sai’aat are bad things, you must not do them, too much Hasanat means Heaven, where it is a real paradise, too much Sai’aat means Hell, where God burns you in fire, depending one how much you are bad, if you are very bad, it will be very hot fire, and the other normal fire, then God will make you live again and burn in fire again as an infant, and so on, and so on for the rest of your life.

  8. look you idiots if nasa says its not there then you automatically belive them? lol what they are hiding it retards? oh wait a government cover-up never ever happened before and it will never happen…

  9. James, speaking of hoaxes, try investigating the Holocaust a bit more, try and work out how the Nazi’s managed to completely burn and destroy 2000+ bodies a day in pits with charcoal…not possible, a quick visit to a modern crematorium will confirm that. Explain how you make 6,000,000 bodies disappear into thin air. Find me ONE picture of a gassing victim (by the way gassing doesn’t turn people into skeletons, bombed supply lines and typhus do).

    Jewish finance is what causes wars and genocide…no Goldman Sachs, Lehmann Brothers, JP Morgan et al…no more wars…it really is that simple.`Hitler wanted a Europe free of Communism and Jewish bankers dictating our future using their wealth. Something that they are doing quite openly today without any challenge.

    It’s ironic that the Qu’ran and the Bible both warn us of these jews who will do satan’s bidding and who are at the forefront of destroying religion (especially pitting Christians against Muslims), it’s happening right in front of our noses, yet idiots like you are still talking about hitlers mythical aims of killing all the non blonde haired/blue eyed inhabitants of this world. Speak on these subjects when your knowledge of history is as good as your knowledge of astronomy!

  10. i Pray for all of u and all of us- MANKIND, and all nations. whether or not any of this is real u must be thinking what happens after death at the very least- do know that GOD will come one day, and i will not jugde anyone- because i do not have the right to do so. does anybody think they are big in this little world we call earth(HOME) we are but a little blue dot in billions of gallaxies amd universes. ALL WICH GOD created. IT is writtin in the bible that the whole UNIVERSE fits in GODS Hand.. And some people still goes and pic a “FIGHT”. with GOD or misuses HIS NAME. Come people HE IS real.. WHO do u Think created Everything. The Big BANG THEORIE was a bluff and unrealistic- go and do a bit more research- scientest say that it wasnt possible… well then ahain.. some probebly say it was.. so what stays over? religion! I pray for this whole world and everybody in/on it- God is Amazing people- Get to know God and ur life will change and u will have eternal life aswell- what a deal!!!!!!!!!! okay people. u dont need to critisize me after this mail as i will not be on this site again. nyoy TALLIES

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