End of Confusing about “Domain and Hosting”

This morning, my brand new domain i bought from a remarkable webhosting provider company was set to active. It’s just exciting to have a self-named domain identity.  I had been wondering about the very basic different term between domain and hosting before I was offered a recommendation from my cousin who works as web administrator at a state department in Jakarta. She recommended me to try www.masterweb.net to end my confusing. It turned to be right. I registered the domain last night, did the payment around 10 minutes after that, and confirmed everything to the billing officer. Finally this morning, when I try to open my own domain, I was thrilled… 🙂 (I don’t mean to exaggerate something, but this was what i felt since I am trully a newbie in this kind of field).


webmaster's robo on frontpage


surely gave me a very nice experience about dealing with domain and hosting problem. Their price are competitive; their user guide are user friendly, and of course, their staff are nice. Thank a lot to

Now on, all I have to do is just to fill up my blog with nice words, thoughts, opinion, or articles related to education, educating, and educated. Great way of starting a new activity as a blogger. Thanks to everyone who have assisted me in every of their way to keep supporting me to try a new blogger, an educator blogger-an educated blogger. Though I won’t have much spare time to write long and exhausting writing, I will keep my best to keep writing. Banzai!… 🙂


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