My Statement of Purpose (Chevening Scholarship UK)

(hope this will also help others who seek for reference in making statement of purpose for applying scholarships)

“The main reason why I apply for the scholarship is to have a very remarkable knowledge and experiences in a place which has been widely known as a country filled with bright ideas and a home of great higher education institutions. From what I have known so long this time that Indonesia and UK has a very strong relationship when it comes to the talks about education. UK has been major donor for my country in giving precious chances to students to experience a unique, amazing, and unforgettable study time, not only because of the quality of the institution but also the top notch environment they will feel. Related to degree I am applying for, United Kingdom is the homeland of English Language, and no other great places I shall direct my vision except to UK, where I can fully understand the English, the usage, the people, the culture and every single thing about it. Those are the priceless things which I will always share to my students as I am back to Indonesia.

Being a teacher for almost 12 years of my life has taught me one valuable thing, which I always tell to my students, “Nothing is too easy, therefore we need to study about everything, and nothing is too difficult as long as we study about everything.” I once joined the 2nd Asia Pacific Youth Science Festival in Singapore in 2000 and KOREA-ASEAN Future Oriented Youth Exchange Project in South Korea in 2001, and I learned many things from those international events, including team-work, being focus and determined, and learning people surrounding me. I certainly have no doubt that I will be able to back in actions in developing those things. Studying in a world class university, along with friendly people who always give their hand for every obstacle I face and supporting “chemistry” around me, will surely put me in a very competitive yet cooperative surroundings in my degree pursuing and future preparing.

Right now, I am working as a lecturer in a well known private university in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am teaching English subject. Despite my different Bachelor’s background and people’s saying about that thing, I keep teaching with all the experience I had from my previous professional background. I started teaching when I was 16 years old, when I was on my 2nd grade of Senior High School precisely. It was all started when my teacher convinced me that I have this ability to teach, to deliver ideas to people without confusing them. I was first given a responsibility to teach the Children Class, shocked at first for seeing the “uncivilized kids”, however amazed at last as noticing the fact that they loved to study. Since that time, I can never leave the education field. I once taught in a well known Study Liaison Institution in Padang, West Sumatera, and I was certainly well trained there as I participated in the trainings conducted by the institution. As far as I know, the only formal education I enrolled related to teaching is only the AKTA IV Certificate from Universitas Islam At Tahiriyah in Jakarta. I never think that is enough. To me, teaching is not just delivering ideas, it is not only letting people know what they previously had no idea about, it is more than those activities. Teaching, in my personal opinion, is giving our heart to whatever we give. Teaching includes the learning of people, knowing your students, and understanding them, finding exactly what they want and how they want it to be delivered.

By pursuing a Master Degree in Education in UK, I believe in the next times forward I will have my opportunity to develop my skill in education field, acting as a teacher and a lecturer who certainly comprehend the real meaning of teaching. I will have my chance to be in a position of decision-maker to help the institution where I abdicate myself improve the education system to fully support the government future-oriented program in education. That advantage is not only because I am going to specialize myself in the field I previously, currently, and continually deal the most, but also due to the fact that I am spending my schooling year in one of the highest class university in the origin of the language I always encourage my students to master. The experiences I am about to attain from UK would also be one of the consideration factors for my future career; not only in my current institution, but also if there are better opportunities available to serve my country.”


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