My Brother’s Statement of Purpose (KDI School Korea)

(hopefully can assist others to seek a guide in writing a statement of purpose)

The most important accomplishment is when I graduated from Diploma IV/Undergraduate Program in College of State Accounting (STAN) specializing in Accounting. It is an obligation for all graduates from STAN to work in Department of Finance for certain period of times (mostly 10-15 years). I’ve been placed to work in Indonesian Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-LK), Department of Finance. Working for the government sector, especially specialized in finance related work, has given me the opportunity to help the nations in financial related matters and exciting new knowledge to be gained. Besides, challenges that existing within the organization for a better works was sometimes pushing up my creativity and ideas, thus, making it as the most important accomplishment.

Career is something that must be achieved based on capabilities and skills. Career is a form of improved responsibility in decision and policy maker. Career includes top management skills. Capabilities and skills means that career should be something based on merit in which the best and outstanding personnel should go for the position. Improved responsibility in decision and policy maker is giving the opportunity to have better outcomes when solving country’s financial related problem. Top management skills are going to be needed in order to direct and function as tools in creating better decision and policy maker.

There are several potential contributions could be given to the class if I were to receive admission to the KDI School:

  • Works experience as a government employee, specifically in capital market and financial institutions sector, are going to be useful to be shared as a real practices;
  • Indonesia as a developing countries, the place where I work and live, is going to be one of real examples to be used in case studies;
  • Public speaking skills and ability to communicate excellently in English would be advantageous to the class’ presentations and sharing ideas to other students.

Accomplishment as a government employee in Indonesian Capital Market and Financial Institutions, supported with strong career vision, are one of the basic requirements for me to gain more knowledge available at KDI School. Potential contributions, which I personally could contribute to the class as explained previously, are assets for KDI School to help all students in class gaining more real practices and case studies.

I hereby submit my Statement of Purpose and certify that I have received no assistance in writing or editing this essay.

5 October 2007

KUSUMA, Chandra


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