Teacher or Educator?

working late

Working Late Tonight...

I just got home from teaching at STAN (a state college of accounting near my residence). I teach English there, and for this semester I’m handling first year students of Accounting major. Tonight I taught class 1J. We’re discussing about Past Tense. Well, I guess almost everyone knows it;s kind of easy materials, but to me, I never pay too much attention to what the subject is yet I focus more on how the subject is delivered and how the material is accepted by the student.

I once met a very smart lecturer who held Doctoral degree from a quite-well-known university abroad. The academic skills? Surely undoubted. The teaching skill? I guess it should always be questioned. That was the thind which then encourage me more, to be an educator, not just a teacher (or in other vocabulary replaced as lecturer).

If you look up the word of teacher in wikipedia, it says that, a teacher is a person who educates others. While an educator as displayed on http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ is translated as 1. one skilled in teaching ;  2. a student of the theory and practice of education. I guess almost all of people who’d like to define the meaning of both would certainly refer to these explanation.


Likely a teacher (or should I say lecturer)...

Teacher, in my opinion, is more likely a profession, which put someone into a state where he/she is obliged to convey something to other (well, of course, no matter how he/she conveys the material or how well the other person comprehend the material). Teacher is a kind of  job, which place someone into an environment where he/she shall be the one who will be considered the smarter and the more intelligent person, which sometimes unconsciously make him/her be a person with high level of proud. Though many people do not agree with my opinion, I strongly believe that term of teacher.


More likely an educator... (I assume) 🙂

While an educator is more likely a posession, a state where someone owns the responsibility of delivering the ideas in great manner and great environment with all the aims of conveying a subject, making other comprehend the material, and analyzing everything that could be an obstacle for those goals. Educator, in my personal opinion, is rather close to informal situation where someone is not just standing in front of other, but also raise the spirit among others and push up the thinking from the back. This doesn’t mean I underestimate people who call themselves teachers, NOT AT ALL! This is my way of asking all teachers to be not just teachers but to do more than teachers usually do. I am asking them to be more likely educators who are not only responsible for delivering ideas and knowledge but also paying more attention to how the ideas and knowledge shall be delivered and how the materials are comprehended by other, and last but not least, creating a whole nice and exciting environment in doing all those actions. Let me know your thoughts! 🙂


What do you say?

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