Something about BLOG!

I’ve just finished my teaching at a well known university in West Jakarta district. One thing for sure that quite shocked me this afternoon. There are still a lot of my students who don’t have blog. Several students even do not know what blog is. I tried to explain them what blog is, how can we blog, where can we have our blog, and also what can we write in a blog. I mean, today is just like a technology lecture, not English lecture, since I spent almost more than half an hour explaining those things above.

I told them to write, to start blogging, and to be more productive by outpouring their ideas in a blog. I told them that they can have multiple blog to accommodate all their needs of writing. They can write about their story, they can share about their dreams, they can whine about their complaints, they can even publish their portfolios, they can do almost everything in a blog. One of my students has many collections of comics he made. All of the files are almost 1 GB in size, and when I asked him whether he has ever published them or not (both physically and electronically) he just said NO. This is kind of weird phenomenon for me, when nowadays many people have chosen to have blogs to publish their works, while my student who is quite potential of being a comic illustrator just had no idea how to publish them. He told me that he thought publishing a comic will certainly took lots of money and work. I recommend him to give a try to publish them in a blog. I just hope that all my words in my class this afternoon will open the ideas of all the students to start being global students who can share their thoughts not only at school but also to the world out there.


Being a lecturer has taught me a new thing today, that not all the rocking-style-appearance students have all the rocking-style-mind inside them. The thoughts have to be conveyed by others who see them as potential men of their field. They’re not getting into globalization whenever they’re still swimming in their pool of traditional-sight, seeing everything based on regular norm. To be a great person, someone has really to think greatly, do things greatly, and break the limits greatly (in a positive term, I assume). What do you think? J


What do you say?

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