Classes Activities

Last night (November 11th), I let my students at STAN (State College of Accounting) conduct a discussion, 3 classes on a day, 1-J, 1-I, and 1-X. At first, I asked them to prepare materials for some topics I’ve given them, but then after I observe the situation, I decided to change the format of the discussion into a debate competition for the next meetings. The debate will adopt the Asian Parliamentary system, where each team consists of three speakers. Both team will be given a motion, which apparently has to be defined in order to be more debatable and not to be too wide in comprehension.



The discussion class started at around 11 in the morning at 1-J. It’s just interesting to see them speaking English not in a smooth way. I told them it’s okay, the most important thing about learning and speaking English is the courage to deliver your ideas. It’s much better be wrong because you have tried than never be wrong since you never tried at all! I continued teaching at 1-I at around 2 in the afternoon. They’re discussing about Sex Education Implementation in Indonesia. Quite lot of laughters there though the substance is not deeply observed. Well, as long as they wanna start talking in English, it’ll be enough for me.



The last schedule in the evening at around 7 was at I-X. It’s quite amazing at this class. All of the students seemed more prepared than the other classes. They brought all the materials on their own laptop. One interesting story was when a group discussing about the legalization of alcohol beverages in Indonesia. The “supporter” group stated one argument related to religion issue. This caused lots of questions among other students at the class. I just cut it off at the right time before the atmosphere got hotter. I order them not to bring religion issue into a discussion or a debate, not because I underestimate religion, it’s just because religion, in my personal opinion, is not a thing to be debated. Religion is not about logic. It’s more likely a believe, a faith from the heart. I told them to stir the discussion more into other issues and fields.



I also noticed a quite remarkable student who tended to be a well-practiced public speaker. He was quite structured and systematic in delivering his thoughts. Finally when the session was about to end, I asked him whether he had been familiar with public speaking or debate in his previous time. He was a debater in his high school time. I thought that he’s joining the English Club at STAN, but when I confirmed that thing to one of my cousin who is a debate trainer there, he told me that the student came once and didn’t continue his joining ever since. Perhaps it’s his schedule which makes him be absent, yet I just hope that he will be a great public speaker in his next future.



I took some pictures from my class activities that night. Glad to look at these pictures. Hope that one of my students has a chance to see these pictures and then tells his/her friends about it. It’s good to see them speaking. Well, unfortunately I still can;t upload the pictures, but insyaallah in the next few days I’ll upload them.


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