UK; PhD Studentship in Deep-Sea Ecology

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Several PhD projects in the field of deep-sea ecology are available within the DEEPSEAS Group at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOCS), which is jointly operated by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the University of Southampton. The highest caliber applicants will be funded at NOCS through responsive research studentships (including non-UK/EU applicants who meet certain criteria). Each of the projects listed below outline a program which will allow for an exceptional experience in learning deep-sea ecology in the laboratory and at sea during a research cruise at an institution with comprehensive capability and worldwide ranking within the top 100 universities.

Projects include:

• Deep-Sea Ecology in an Area of Hydrocarbon Industry Activity

• Community Structure, Biodiversity, and Ecosystem Change at the Abyssal Seafloor

• Ecosystem Function in the Deep Sea and its Influence on Ocean Biogeochemistry

Please visit and search “Ruhl” under supervisors, or contact Dr. Henry Ruhl with any questions.

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton,
University of Southampton
Waterfront Campus, European Way,
Southampton SO14 3ZH, UK


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