The Erasmus Mundus Master’s Course in European Literary Cultures

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The Master’s Course in European Literary Cultures – CLE aims at preparing European and International graduates for professions in which is requested the knowledge of:

* at least three languages

* the different methodologies in at least three cultural fields as for example:
– History of Literature,
– Texts Analysis,
– History,
– History of Art,
– History of Ideas.

The duration of the full-time programme is 24 months.

Students will spend terms in two or three different consortium universities. The language of instruction varies according to the institutions chosen by the students.

At the end of the Master Course, the consortium universities provide a double or multiple degree.

The programme has four main learning units:

European Literatures, Language
Methodologies and Linguistic Sciences,
European History and Civilization
a Final research work.



Each Institution focuses on a specific subject:

Bologna: Towards a European Literature: Literary Tradition and Innovation

Mulhouse: European Spaces and Cultures: Contrasts and Interferences

Strasbourg: Oratories and Literary Configurations

Thessalonikis: Impact and Reception of Ancient Tradition

Students applying for the Master Course CLE must have:

*a good level first-cycle degree in a discipline of relevance to CLE,
*a recognised level of proficiency in English and in the language of instruction of the consortium institution chosen for the first Master year course. B1 minimum level is required.
* Moreover, applicants mast be able to provide evidence of motivation to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Master CLE.

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