What the hell are Blogger Robots doing to my blog?

Disappointed? Absolutely… I just hate to know the fact that Blogger Robot has classified my blog as a spam blog according to automatic valuation which I hardly know what they are exactly. Was it because of the link I enclose in my posting or was it because something else? Through this open posting I would like to express my disappointment to http://www.blogger.com about this case. My blog is not and will always not be a spam blog! I myself post the articles or writings to my blog, no other damn robots help me, and it’s just so annoying to see the announcement on my dashboard about this spam-blog thing. I tried to find a contact represent the blogger team to claim about this issues but all i found was a forum, no spesific address i can reach to address my complaint. I bought the domain from http://www.blogger.com around three or four days ago and is it the service they promote? Come on… I also have sent the unlock request related to this issues dated December 1st 2009 and I kept receiving those annoying red texts on my dashboard. To all blogger engineers, please review this complaint as I would like to start blogging with my own domain without this kind of annoyance. Looking forward to hearing comments from you all, guys…
Abi Nada Khairiyah Darlianto
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