Postdoc Position in Bio Technology in France

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The Institute of Structural Biology (IBS) in Grenoble and the Laboratory LEGI collaborate within the project Nanobiodrop. This project involves the formation of artificial biological membranes to study the insertion of transmembrane transport proteins and measure their activity. The technique based on the manipulation of nanodroplets has proven effective in vitro and its integration into microsystems is a challenge today that opens interesting perspectives in biotechnology and biology such as drug screening or the study of artificial cells networks.

The objectives of the postdoctoral position are to associate in a microsystem :
1. The formation of biological membranes by microfuidic techniques.
2. The insertion of transmembrane proteins studied at the IBS (ion channels and transporters).
3. The measurement of transport activity of these proteins by electrophysiologica l or optical means.
4. The possibility of creating a network of interconnected membranes by transmembrane proteins.

The ideal candidate is a biophysicist, with a knowledge of, or a desire to learn, standard microfabrication techniques. Expertise in fluidics, surface treatment, membrane protein biochemistry and/or electrophysiology will be an asset.

The proposed contract is for two years. It is funded by the French network RTRA `Nanosciences` and the collaborative program in Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the CNRS `Support for risk taking`. The candidate will work under the supervision of both LEGI and IBS and will benefit from access to state-of-the-art resources in all aspects of the project.

The candidate should have defended his PhD thesis for less than three years and a part of his scientific training has been done outside of France.

Salary: EUR2300/month

Benjamin Cross :
Michel Vivaudou :


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