When God gives and rejects…

This note is translated from KHALIFAH Magazine (6th Edition/2008). I admire the words as the spirit-lifter for me.

When God gives you something, He shows you His compassion. When he rejects to give you something, then He shows you His power. Beyond all those compassion and power, He introduces Himself to you and faces you with His undefeated-gentleness.

God’s rejections always feels hurt, however, it’s only because we never realize nor be aware of the biggest admonition we’ll retain from the occurrence. God may widely open the door of obedience, yet unrevealed the door of pray-acceptance. God, indeed, may destine you to commit sins, yet it will be the best way to bring you to your final aim.

Nothing shall breath without be at death at last, and nothing is well destined as everything has to feel the pain.


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