PhD Positions in Mathematic at University of Cambridge

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The CCA is an EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematical Analysis, a joint project of the two mathematics departments in Cambridge under the directorship of James Norris and myself. We intend to admit each year about fifteen research students in all areas of mathematical analysis: pure, stochastic, computational and applied, and train them for four years toward a Cambridge PhD.

More details are available at

The CCA is intended to fill a perceived national need in provision of first-class mathematical analysts for both academic setting and industry.

Most of our students will be funded by the EPSRC studentships. This means that UK nationals, as well as EU students resident in UK for at least three years, will receive both tuition costs and maintenance, other EU nationals being eligible only for tuition costs. In addition, we`ll have four Cambridge-funded scholarships, open to all candidates without restriction of nationality.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to bring this new exciting opportunity to the notice of suitable candidates. We are currently seeking first-class young mathematicians, typically in either the final year of four-year mathematics degree course or currently undergoing MSc training, who wish to conduct their PhD research in one of the areas of mathematical analysis , emphasizing both research excellence and the breadth of knowledge and intellectual curiosity essential, we believe, to successful work in mathematical analysis.

Interested candidates are encouraged to pursue the application procedure detailed at but they should feel free at any time to consult either James or me at


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