Back in Business

Several days ago, I met an old friend of mine named Ajib Hamdani. He was the one who first “poisoned” me with all stuff related to networking business. I joined the business in around 2002, but I couldn’t stay too long. Many reasons were the cause, yet the most obvious one was because I wasn’t able to maintain my network at that time. 2 days ago,when I discuss this matter with my wife,shockingly she granted me her support to me to be back in the business. I then decided to meet Mas (that’s how Indonesian in common call elder people) Ajib, to talk about my plan. At first,we arrange the meeting on friday night, but since he and his family were having weekend at their penthouse in Kelapa Gading, we rearrange the meeting to be on sunday night. It was heavily raining on sunday night just about an hour before my appointment. I even sent him a message that probably i wouldn’t be able 2 meet him again that night, maybe some other time in the future.

What surprised me was the fact that,5 minutes right after the message was delivered, the rain stopped! I just couldn’t figure out what was happening at that time, whether it’s a good sign or just a normal situation of the weather. It didn’t matter. I went to his place which apparently the house that he bought from this kind of business. Welcomed by his wife, Mbak Ratna, I saw a very different situation of theirs compared to the state they experience several years earlier. It was right, they bought the house, they also bought a penthouse at a very luxurious apartment in northern part of Jakarta, they bought the sedan, the bike, everything that every common people dream about. Well, it is not always about the materials, however, in my opinion, we  need something to support every single step of ours in gaining achievement in life including abdicating our life to God The Almighty.

The meeting was only about 30-45 minutes, but I guessed I’ve delivered all my plans to him, about my willingness to be back in business which I have abandoned for years, to rebuild the dreams I have ever wished before. I also told him about my wife’s support, and her wish to be part of the team. He was glad (well, at least I thought he was) to hear that and asked me directly to be in a regular meeting of the business community at a place in southern part of Jakarta. Deal!, that was the word from my mouth, and I assumed that was also my decision for that night and my pathway-to-be for the next future of mine. I just hope that God will keep giving me strength to be focused and organized to be part of this kind of activity. To end this story, I just want to post the phrases that I used to hear quite often, which is, “If You Think You Can Do It, then You Can Do It!”


What do you say?

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