15 Fellowship for Journalist at Paramadina University by INDIKA ENERGY and MEDCO FOUNDATION

(taken from http://www.rumahbeasiswa.com)

PARAMADINA UNIVERSITY with the full support of the INDIKA ENERGY and MEDCO FOUNDATION provide 15 fellowships for journalists or NGO ACTIVISTS to take the Paramadina S2 Graduate School, in the following areas:
(1) Strategic Finance,
(2) Islamic Business & Finance,
(3) Diplomacy,
(4) Political Communication, and
(5) Corporate Communication.

With a value of Rp. 40 to 65 million per-student will cover the entire implemented tuition for 3 semesters. Lectures, which conducted in English and Indonesian (bilingual), implemented in Paramadina Postgraduate Campus Schools, in The Energy Tower, Floor 22, SCBD, Jakarta, from Monday-Thursday, hours 19:00 to 21:00, so as not to disrupt the careers of students.

For the interested in registering through REGULAR, tuition fees are as follows:
(1) Strategic Finance – Rp 65 jt,
(2) Islamic Business & Finance – Rp 40 jt,
(3) Diplomacy – Rp 50 jt,
(4) Political Communication – Rp 45 jt,
(5) Corporate Communication – Rp 45jt.
There are various schemes scholarships for applicants who have high test scores.

Application deadline:
Last registration either through fellowships or regular route is January 16, 2010, the first week of classes starting in February 2010.

For further information please call:
(1) Aniza, email: nurul.anniza@Paramadina.ac.id, mobile: 0818 0662 0749,
(2) Fiqie, email: fiqie.anbiya@Paramadina.ac.id, mobile: 0856 9444 6628, or
(3) Visit the website: http://gradschool.Paramadina.ac.id


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