Love and Job…Related?

Taking  some definitions from Wikipedia, Love is translated as any of a number of emotions, affection and attachment. It can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction. As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, ineffable related to a sense of strong feeling of tenderly caring for another person.

We’re not going to be Love Doctors here. We just insert the word “love ” to elaborate its correlation to job or career. This is about the way of seeing something and the thing to see a way. Job/career in Oxford English Dictionary is  defined as an individual’s “course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)”. It is usually considered to pertain to remunerative work (and sometimes also formal education). For me, as I stated in My Personal Statement for applying a scholarship, I defined career as a term of state, which includes planning the best as a pathway, doing the best as a merit, and getting the best as a triumph, and those require a very high level of skills and capabilities of bearing all responsibilities given.

Why do love considered to have a correlation to career. I’d like to state a phrase I got from a friend of mine, “Love the job you do, and Do the job you love!” (please do forgive my mistake in putting the words in the wrong order, but I liked this order of words). I believe that, though these words didn’t come directly from his thought, the phrase has taught me one thing for sure, which is, Career is always related to Love.

First, why do I put the clause of “Love the job you do” in the first order? It is everyone’s dream to have a nice job, great environment, and satisfying salary, however, what about some people who work in the environment that he/she didn’t prefer to have, or do the careers that don’t match their qualification? Should they hate the work they’re doing? No! Certainly not! Whenever we meet this situation, the first thing we ought to do is to love our work whatever they are. It is not a wise decision to claim that we never deserve the work, or to underestimate the work as low level work compared to our qualification. Treat our new job as we treat a newly-known attractive guy we meet in order to get his/her attention to move forward the next level of relationship. Many ways to try to give some love to the work we’re doing now.

a. Search as many as you know about the responsibilities given to us in our field and all related information about them. This will broaden our knowledge about what we’re doing.

b. Consider ourselves as a new comer in a new neighborhood. It is not advisable to be an introvert in our working environment . Make friends as many as possible so that you can also have many resources about your job. remember one old proverb, 1000 friends is absolutely small numbers, but 1 enemy is absolutely great trouble.

c. Do your task responsibly and always try to finish everything before the deadlines due. This will put our credibility into count.

d. Easy to be said, to though to be done: Thanking God for what we have now, then we’ll feel that more bless we’re earning in the future.

Second, if we’re lucky enough to get the job, then we may be able to do the second order of the phrase, Do the job you love! This is relatively easy task since we only need to do something that we really like or master. One thing  should always be our reminder, that doing the job that we love sometimes puts us in a state of forgetting discipline and hard-work that are the main parts of getting a marvelous achievement. Therefore, keeping our mind motivated with the goals we have st before, will possibly preserve the things we always have to pay attention to do the both parts of the phrase I stated above, Love the job you do, and Do the job you love!


What do you say?

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