“Do you get the soul?”

02.00 am in the early morning. My body surely feels tired yet my mind stays awake. My eyes say “we’d like some sleep” still my memory reminds “what should a writer do?” Here I am, trying to outpour some words about a question which I suddenly remember, given by an attractive and intelligent woman at my interview on Monday, 10.00 am at a very classy room of a well-known online company.

We were talking and discussing about what a copywriter must responsible for, when she finally asked me this kind of inspiring question, “So, Sir, do you think you get the soul?” I was shocked by that question. Not in the capacity that I couldn’t answer it, but merely because I’ve never heard that kind of question since several years ago when a friend of mind asked me the exact question about what I was doing at that time. I started teaching since I was in my 2nd grade of high school, yet I devoted myself to education right when I moved to a city where I continue my study. I met this man, married, one son, and nice personality. He was the one who interviewed me when I apply for a position at a well-known educational institution in the city I’d rather not mention it. The first time I met him, I was so sure that we could be a very close buddy. It proved. He became my foster brother, my foster parent, and my best friend as well. He taught me lots of things about work environment, surviving strategy in that fierce field, and to put aside personal interest upon dedication to what we have plunged into.

Back to what I started, this kind of question has awakened me from my long sleep of mind. I feel that I have found the soul of mine in the work I did, I am doing, and I do. Given that question today, I finally decided to recount how well I found the soul of what I am doing and how well I treat the soul of my job so long this time. I told the Lady who asked me this question that I have been in education field for almost 11 years, yet, she informed me that perhaps the world I have been this time would rather be different from the universe I am about to dive into in the future. Right after I was out of the room, along my way to the parking lot, I was thinking, she might have been right. I should never underestimate something just because I have done something similar to that thing before. There’ll never be the same things in this world, even twins are different. I often give some motivational word to my students while I am giving lectures, but right after this short interview, I guess I have to read more, I have to know more, and I have to experience more about motivation itself. I finally found something, that “Getting, Feeling, and Having a soul of what we’re doing is much more important than forcing our soul into what we’re working!” What a day and what an interview!

PS: Miss Wiwid, thanks so much for the inspiration! 🙂


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