Being Whatever We Are

Menjadi apa adanya belum tentu mendapat apresiasi apa adanya. Bersikap biasa dan ga macam2 malah kadang2 mendapat tanggapan yg sangat macam2. Mungkin itu ujian utk jadi manusia yg lurus. Emosi diuji dengan situasi yg sangat memancing amarah. Kesabaran diuji dengan keadaan yg sangat menekan perasaan. Pemikiran dipaksa menerima pemaksaan argumen dari orang lain. Well, I’m trully diving in those kind of conditions at this moment. I’m pushed to get used to something I’m not accustomed to. I’m forced to admit something I hadn’t done, never do, and won’t ever do. I’m pressed to conduct something which I never lay my sense on it. Things like this commonly drive someone to slowly think that God has abandoned him/her. Situation like this often place someone in a state of half-sane-half-insane. It does for sure, even nearly happen to me. However, hope is the only thing which save me from being nuts by doing all the accusations given to me. Hope is undoubtedly the slight of beam which awoke me up from the chance of doing all the ridiculous things just to prove my innocence. Glad to know that God still keeps me in His bless by touching my heart with the light of hope. Thus I believe I still have faith inside the sinner me. Praise Allah, The Lord of This Universe!


What do you say?

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