Today’s Headlines of Life

Not so many things happened today. First, getting up early and taking my daughter for a walk around the Paradise Hill cluster. Next, still at home do some “home jobs” with my wife, and then continued by taking my bike to authorized Honda service center. There were so many things to be repaired, including its chassis which has been around 10 cm away from its proper direction, pantas selama ini bawa nya ga enak.

My house was being repainted when I left it to Menteng to attend my night’s class. My group is supposed to be the group who’s going to present our presentation related to Human Resource Management, taught by Mr. Bekti Harsono, a great lecturer.

There should be 4 of us now, but right at the time I am writing these, there are only 2 of us, Miss Imelda and I. Got no idea where the others are. We’re gonna present our elaboration on PT Unilver Indonesia Compensation and Benefit System for its employees. Well, just hope that the 2 left will be here soon.


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