Another Life-Cycle Story

Writing is always started in the early morning when there are too many things 2 b thought. Today’s headline is RAIN.

It rained so heavily in Serpong, from 12 until around 4. I just can’t go anywhere. The only outdoor activity i did was around 9 am with my wife and my beloved Princess Nada at the Paradise Dreamland, a newly launched pool and giant playground at our recidential complex. It seemed my daughter was extremely enthusiast about playing there. Accompanying her the whole 2 hour was fun. Seeing the big laugh on her face was a great moment. Carrying her on my back while walking inside the pool realized me how lucky i am to be a father.

Heading back home after the ‘watery-games’, my daughter seemed so close to me, asking 2 b carried almost all the time. She just did everything 2 gain my attention. Poor me who sometimes can’t stand the state, thus often get angry at her. Please do forgive me, sweetheart…

Schedule of weekly private teaching in Kedoya had to be postponed due to the weather. However, Wednesday’s challenge will be more adventurous. I’m having my mid exam in the evening, subject: Marketing Management. Hope e’thing’ll be running well.

Now, i’m simply typing this posting with my left on my cell while lying on the bed, trying hard to get some rest. I was waiting 4 my brother getting back from the office after extra working on preparing materials 4 his superior’s speech tomorrow. What a day 4 him. Anyway, that’s all now. Feeling so tired now. Thank God it’s holiday on Thursday, great moment to rest and have another quality time with the ones i love. Au revoir…(simply because i don’t know how to write ‘have a nice rest, everyone’ in French). 🙂


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