We Can Never Guess



A man just came to me. He told me that his dad just passed away this afternoon. He just looked so confused how to get home while he had no money and intended to borrow some from me. What I really admired from him is his spirit to stood still while he was walking around to do the patrol in the middle of drizzle at night to finish his job as a security officer. He asked for permission to leave his job earlier to go home. Only God knows what’s really happening. May Allah bless him the power to deal with the mourning…

I simply cannot imagine what would I have done if such a tragedy had happened to me. He told me that he had just lost his foster-father around a month ago, his wife passed away 7 years ago, and now he lives with his two kids. He seemed so tough despite all the sorrow he had. Back to the story above, he only wanted to borrow some money to get home soon. God blessed me today by giving me some money from the seminar I attended, I had shared some to my wife, and a little left for me. Listening to his story, I entered my room and pick some money I kept and I handed him the money. He told me that as soon as he gets back from his home, he’ll pay me back. I just didn’t think about the money anymore, I told him just use it and think about the paying back later. I encouraged him to leave earlier as he could manage to leave his post earlier after compromising it with his partner.

Right after my doing pray tonight, I “reported” to God and share my words that I have sincerely forgotten that I have lent the man the money. I only ask God that Insha’Allah what I did would be counted as my good deed. I didn’t want to memorize all the goodness I have done as doing that time shall simply devastate the reward for the goodness itself just like fire eats the wood. What I learnt tonight was that we can never guess what would happened, however we do have choice to be the one who let God master our mind or allowing the devil to control our heart. Wallahua’lam bishawab…


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