A Personal Visit to MANG HERI KOI FARM – Sawangan

Today (March 16th, 2014) was, is, and will always be the most historical moment in my life, in terms of my comprehensive understanding about KOI-FISH world. My partner, Jeni Wardin and I visited Mang Heri Koi Farm in Situ Pengasinan, Sawangan, Depok. Mang Heri’s crib is at Taman Melati Sawangan (few hundreds meter from Rumah Gemilang Al Azhar on Jalan Pengasinan Raya, Sawangan), Blok BG 23A. The farm is actually behind the residence complex yet we need to leave the complex first, turn right onto Jalan Pengasinan Raya, it’s about 1 km away from Taman Melati Sawangan.

We arrived at around 11.15 and met Mang Heri (Heri Hartono, the owner of the farm) in person, face to face. We had a chat, involved in some discussion, threw some ideas, shared our experience, took our lunch, got a little photo session, and most of all, plunged into a very interactive and interesting talks. The visit ended at around 3 in the afternoon. What I can say about him are: He is not smart but GENIUS, He is not kind but EXTREMELY FRIENDLY, he is not a good teacher but A GREAT PROFESSOR! His willing to share all the knowledge about KOI-FISH, his true humbleness about his very vast experiences, his total dedication to the world of KOI, are just some of the reasons among many other reasons why he is more than decent to be appreciated as Indonesia KOI Guru!

The way he treated his guests was just like the way most of us normally treat our beloved family. The manner of which he gave compliments to his colleagues is simply sincere, there were no sign of pretending. We’re just like having a tremendous KOI-MANAGEMENT lecture from an absolutely great scientist! His principle of “when I eat a fruit, it’s a bless from God as well as it’s my obligation to plant the seeds for future existence of other remarkable fruits” surely inspired us as amateur-starters of KOI-FISH benefit-seekers. My partner and I felt so honored to have such a visit!

Mang Heri, hatur nuhun pisan atas semua obrolan, pembicaraan, dan diskusi kita hari ini. Syukran jazilan. Kami tunggu broadcast undangan Panen KOI di Mang Heri Koi Farm ya. Kami pun menunggu waktu Mang Heri untuk hadir di Bintaro. Tenang, Mang, like I told you, saya siapin Pisang yg paling enak! Salam hormat dari kami, Mang… (PS: foto-foto dan video menyusul ya, Mang) Special thanks to agan Arief Wicaksono Hendraningrat yang telah bersedia membantu memberikan panduan awal ke lokasi MHKF


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